Everybody’s Talking About Jamie – a Sheffield musical

I was there. That’s what they’ll say. 20 years from now when Jamie is touring the globe and entertaining millions of people each week from all walks of life with his beautiful story – “I was there that night they performed to the public for the very first time in Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre”.

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Ellie Greenfield: The Life & Times

Welcome to my world 🌏

If you’ve been kind enough to check out the About Me page; you’ll know a bit of general information about me and what I’m up to… A comment I frequently get when telling people about how I spend my time is: “How do you manage it all?”

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The day Oona the Elephant came to Meadowhall

“The day you don’t rush to get home to see YOUR coverage on the TV is the day you should pack up and move on” – words of wisdom from my incredible boss lady the day after Oona the Elephant came to Meadowhall.

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