My name is Ellie Greenfield.

Word-speaker, big dreamer, occasionally witty and constantly glittery.

I’m a Yorkshire girl (from the mighty city of Barnsley, no less) and i’m definitely too old for my age – aren’t you supposed to be cool at 21?

I’m a very proud non-graduate who started out as a totally unqualified music magazine editor and journalist – legitimately the most stressful year and a half to ever exist. These days, I  work for Sheffield-based MK Public Relations – prizes for whoever can guess what we do. I bloody love it. It gives me opportunity to meet new people, stretch parts of my brain I didn’t even know existed, challenge myself on a daily basis and do what I love – talk…a lot.

Also a member of Sheffield’s Southey Musical Theatre Company; my love for musicals and singing too loud gets an outlet twice a week with a lovely bunch of people.

I am enthusiastic about lots of things, I have too much energy. Particularly when it comes to food, cats, the beautiful city of Sheffield and the surrounding area, social media, stuff from Lush, stuff from Disney, lots of terrible music, plenty of good music, musical theatre, shower singing, taking photos and capturing memories..oh, and tea…tea is my favourite. Although so is prosecco…and gin, actually…let’s say i’m a connoisseur of liquids, yeah?

I’m also on Twitter and Instagram if you’re really that bothered about keeping up with my activities.