CAST – so much more than a night out…

The phenomenon coming to a city near you very soon…


In August 2016, while sitting and brunchin’ in Sheffield’s Depot Bakery, I stumbled across a flyer for CASTย and their line up of events… after much deliberation and convincing Abbie to fork out the ยฃ70 for the ticket, we booked to go to 99 Mary Street on September 15th 2016.

Run by brothersย James & Luke Cottingham, along with the expert in all things silver Josef Zachary Shanley Jackson, a Sheffield Silversmithย – this is not a standard night out.

If you don’t know what CAST is; basically it’s a totally unique concept which hit the city of Sheffield with immense gusto mid-2016. You part with around ยฃ60ยฃ90ย and in return you are met with a bespoke three course menu at an independent venue, a welcome drink and something to keep you watered while you eat – all sounds pretty basic, right?

Wrong. Here’s where the CAST part comes in… as you get seated and comfy you start work on carving your very own piece of silver jewellery. With the help of the whole team, you will be presented with a ring-shaped piece of blue wax as your canvas…and then measured so it’ll fit and given tips on how best to achieve your dream ring.
…and that’s basically it… you eat, you drink, you create – it’s effectively all the things Sheffield is reyt good at rolled into one night.


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Once you’ve eaten and carved away to your heart’s content; your wax creation is taken away and turned into something beautiful and utterly unique.

I’ve done this twice; once at 99 Mary Street and once where it all began for me, Depot Bakery… it never gets boring… Some folks I’ve spoken to about it have asked why you’d do it twice… saying that surely once you’ve done it, that’s that. Incorrect yet again. It’s anything but boring upon a return visit.

The team behind CAST are utterly incredible. They’re inventive, creative and innovative…not to mention ridiculously good at what they do. They make you feel like a pro while teaching you so much about your creation…and they’re a dab hand with a camera – snapping the evening as they go to capture photos of you in deepest concentration.

With that in mind; it’ll come as no surprise to you to hear that they’re expanding and jet-setting off to different cities around the UK as we speak. Including Manchester, Liverpool and London – for reals.
It might sound like a lot of money to part with, but the food is always incredible and totally new – this isn’t stuff you can order off the menu on a typical day. Not to mention the welcome drink and amazing company – it’s lots of like-minded people creating and letting their imaginations run wild.

Don’t even get me started on when your ring arrives, there’s something about seeing your piece and wearing it… When my most recent design (above) arrived; I was so thrilled I couldn’t stop showing it off. I am NOT particularly artistic and my skills with the very sharp tools they provide are NOT exactly exemplary – but as Matt says time and time again, my ring is entirely unique to me and that’s what makes it special… Regardless of the scratches, wobbly edges and uneven design – I love it.

is a city of makers, and the rest of the UK will undoubtedly follow suit (we’re trend-setters…and all that)… I can’t wait to see where these phenomenal events and truly incredible fellas end up in their creative pursuits.
The line up for upcoming CAST events can be found here… Be sure to grab tickets while they’re still doing these reasonably small events – they won’t be around Sheffield forever.

The team are none-stop, and collectively are responsible for Alexander Joshua – which recently opened in Sheffield’s Krynkl Space – and It’s All Tropical. Keep your eye on them though, they’re always doing something.

As for me? I’ll be returning at the end of this month for their event at JORO (when I get round to booking tickets – I seem to be continuously flying and never landing at the mo’). See you there, yeah?

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