So you’re moving into your first house with your boyfriend?

Ooooooh, big step…that is.


Yeah I know, thanks… If I had a penny for every time someone had said that to me I’d be able to buy all the John Lewis furniture I’d originally wanted…


In case you hadn’t heard, Matt and I are moving in together in April. We’re getting our very first house and are starting pretty much from scratch in terms of furniture, furnishings and interiors… have you ever tried to compromise with your other half on something like this? It is NOT the same as choosing where to eat or what to see at the cinema.

Matt is awesome, can I just say. He’s decisive, happy to help and genuinely cares about the difference between Fern and Palm when it comes to colours… but debating what kind of hoover to get when I’ve come from a life of In It To Wing It while he sees no issue on getting a Dyson 5.10×5 with added turbos and bells on… you see where this is going.

Β I’ve been “bottom draw-ing” since I was 16, collecting the odd homeware when it was on sale here and there and storing them, but I’m now realising that owning 4 lamps, 22 mugs and a TONNE of decorative crockery is NOT practical and can now see why my mum has seethed every time they made their garish way into the kitchen – sorry Ma.

To that effect, my once very well thought out house plan is now a mish-mosh of un-matching items and I FINALLY understand the importance of matching.


Also on that note, someone once told me they knew of a woman whose house was basically a Next catalogue and I laughed in her face… but my god. Guys, our house is basically a Next catalogue and I’m SO not sorry. It’s also grey…like really grey. Every single room has a shade of grey in as the staple colour.

We have lots of really boring adult stuff to deal with until we move in…like joint accounts and council tax. But until then, our weekends are spend tripping to IKEA and trying to fit an armchair in the back of Matt’s Ford Fiesta (otherwise known as Misty); we’re slowly turning mine AND Matt’s parents’Β  garages into furniture stores.


I’ve entered a world of watching for furniture sell-offs and sales, which is just fuelling my ridiculous shopping obsession but we’re having a great time putting our own little home together.

Moving in together IS a huge step; this I know to be true. I first met Matt almost 6 years ago when we both went to Thomas Rotherham College…and the fact that i’m moving in with the guy who back then wore band t-shirts and managed to spill anΒ entire bottle of Lucozade in my hair just before my big exam of the year (thanks for that, love) is madness but truly amazing.

Towards the end of our first year at college, he lent me his copy of The Sims 2 for me to put on my computer…and when we started dating this time last year, I dug it out and returned it to him after totally forgetting I had it – it’s things like that remind me of how we got to where we are today… Re-meeting Matt was the greatest experience, learning so much more about him and discovering all of our similarities (and our differences…and there are a lot, trust me).

So, here’s to us and this HUGE step… Cheers! 🌟

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