Postmodern Jukebox: From internet sensation to real life phenomenon

A lesson in resilience, persistence and GREAT music.


I have been obsessed with Postmodern Jukebox since I was 18; this is a fact. As they prepare to perform in Sheffield City Hall’s beautiful auditorium, here’s everything you need to know.

I remember back in 2013, when I was doing work experience at Toast Magazine (before even my editor days, for real), I stumbled upon their cover of “We Can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus and instantly fell in love – telling the then-editor that he NEEDED to check this out because it was NOT to be missed… He kinda shrugged it off but it wasn’t long before they released an album on Spotify and their musical ventures BLEW UP.

I love modern day pop-music. What I can’t oblige is auto-tune that ends up so high that I can’t sing along…as you’ll learn about me, I like music more if it’s within my vocal capabilities and I can sing it well – no kidding. Postmodern have this incredible ability to take music born in a world of electric instruments and auto-tune and turn it into something so AWESOME, it’s like listening to something entirely different.

And let me tell you…the people of Sheffield LOVE it. Their journey has been beautiful to watch. From performing at Leadmill in 2015, to progressing to the O2 Academy and finally, their performance on March 10th at Sheffield City Hall… The people of Sheffield go mad for this revelation of a night out. I never fail to be incredibly amazed as to the different kinds of people that turn out – regardless of their walk of life, personal musical preference, age, gender – people come out to have a real good night and they receive it… In abundance.

From the #pmjtour last week, snapped by @jess_skelding 😘 #gig #sheffield #music

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Led by the incredibly talented Scott Bradlee, who started our recording videos with a few friends in his living room and is now touring the world with a full band and an acclaimed repertoire of songs – these guys could teach the world a thing or two about persistence and believing in your dreams.

If you’re around, catch them at Sheffield City Hall on March 10th – I promise you will NOT regret it. Prepare for lots of singalongs, dancing in the aisles, flexible tambourine players, insane vocal capacities, tap dancers and beardy men playing classical instruments.

Tickets are priced from £28 and are available from the City Hall website.


Featured photo by the awesome Dan Jones. He’s bloody great.

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